Video Production Services


Option 1: Basic Performance Promo - £500 (plus travel expenses)

This is our bargain basement credit crunch busting, no frills option and is a very basic, simple showcase for just about any act. This is a 2 hour shoot. It would be a case of setting up at a single location where we'd shoot 5 or so takes of you performing (lip syncing to a track) from different angles and vantage points cut them together to give you a good basic performance based vibe - it can be simple but effective - perfect for YouTube/Myspace and general promotion. At a location with mains electricity we would provide basic lighting if necessary, at a location with no power we would be totally reliant on natural lighting unless generator hire is arranged.



Option 2: Basic Performance Music Video - £800 (plus travel expenses)

This option gives a bit more of an edge and better production values. This is a 4 hour shoot with basic lighting - 1 generator would be provided if necessary. Generally you'd be looking at a performance based video- but with more takes ( around 10) thus improving the level of performance that could be captured, The edit would be more extensive than option 1.



Option 3: Multi- take, Performance & basic cut away Music Video - £1200

This gives you up to 8 hours shooting with more lighting, tracking or camera crane and a far greater amount of editing time, which you will need for quick/slick cutting effects and grading, giving you a more polished looking video. This also gives you more scope for basic storyboarded cut aways and would enable you to produce something that could gain airplay on the satellite TV channels.



Option 4: Crane/ steadycam with cutaways shoot - £2000

This gives up to 12 hours shooting time and more post production. This option enables more sophisticated storyboarded concepts to be shot and produced to a lot higher level - You also have the option of extra lighting, camera crane, tracking, Steadycam and extra crew if necessary. This option gives you the opportunity to produce something original and memorable that can get you a high level of both Internet and TV exposure.



Option 5: 2 day Multi- location shoot - £3000

This gives the option of up to 18 hours shooting spread over 2 days and at more that one location or as option 5 but with the addition of high end CGI effects or 35 mm lenses for an extremely big budget look.



Option 6: Special Pop/R&B / Hip Hop Green Screen Studio / CGI Package - £2500

This is a complete package that provides you with everything you need to produce a very slick Pop/ hip-hop/ R&B studio based video complete with a custom made CGI back drop. The price includes studio hire that can be in Central London ( one of our London studios includes a club venue) or at any of a number of studios nation wide. The result would be a very polished contemporary looking music video ready for TV broadcast.



Option 7: Sky's-the-limit - over £3000

We can cater for bigger budget and more elaborate shoots where a greater intensity of work over longer periods of time is involved, this can involve multiple locations with the option of steadicam, mini-helicopter cam, Red One or 16mm film cameras, specialist lenses and sophisticated CGI effects. We would need to discuss your requirements in detail before arriving at a costing.



CGI and Animation can also be arranged - POA

Before we can arrive at any kind of costing we need to know what your requirements are and what kind of look your after.The bottom line is, as is the case with any kind of production, the higher the budget, the better the overall quality of production will be. As a lot of our clients are either small independent record labels or unsigned they tend to be working on tight budgets,and a firm idea of cost is very important - we have put together a few benchmark options for the lower budget end of the scale to give you some idea of what you can get for your money. On all of our productions we use the latest HD cameras that are 720p and 1080p, full broadcast quality and give an expensive film like look.

The prices quoted are for basic production costs -this includes equipment as stated, director, editing and mastering onto DVCAM tape, HDV data file, DVD and Blu-Ray also conversion for Internet streaming such as YouTube,( Digi-beta and other formats available at extra cost POA). Prices quoted do not include charges made by third parties such as actors, for locations or any additional equipment that is required, all of which can be arranged by ourselves if necessary, at extra cost. Please bear in mind that the prices quoted are only a rough guide, If your budget is between our options, we can work around that, also remember that the payment is made in two instalments, ( more than two instalments can be arranged.) For artists who wish to shoot a number of videos, we give great price breaks especially if all the shooting can be done at once at the same time at the same locations. If you wish to discuss the costing of a project, for advice on how you can keep your costs down, call.



Music video production packages

Your music video can be made to suit your budget. Prices start from just £1400.00, which includes studio shoot, lighting, full high definition, editing... Where else can you make a quality pop video for under £1500? Give us a call on 0779 953 4417 or email us for more details of our rock & pop video production packages.






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