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She’s A Punk Rocker UK

Maveric Movie Awards
57 min film Documentary by and about Punk Rock Women.
1977 Punk Rock an Oral History by the women who were part of Punk. Nominated for Maverick Movie Awards Best Picture Award 2010.

Punk women changed the public face of the female. It was very empowering for universal women. The story of punk could almost be a women’s liberation story. Caroline Coon.

1977 sees the explosion of a new subculture: Punk. Punk women were clearly visible by their appearance, clothes, makeup, hair, piercing and tattoos. Punk was the first youth movement where women were equals. Prior to punk, women were seen as the girlfriends of skins, mods, hippies and teddy boys, but a female punk was a punk.

She's a punk rocker review

Punks, both male & female, hit the media headlines from 1976 onwards. Moral outcry erupted as the media and officialdom proclaimed Punk Public Enemy Number One. Being a punk was dangerous, so why did so many women become punks? Was it just about dressing up outrageously? Were these punk women treated as equal members of the subculture and how were they treated by the rest of society? How did being a punk affect their lives? Did punk woman directly influence society’s attitudes to women today? The lives of these women will reveal an insight into female punks and a culture that has been greatly misunderstood and misrepresented in the media.

She's a punk rocker review -Germany

Their personal oral histories explore their experiences of being a punk. Life stories, gigs, fashion, music, politics, friends, relations & events. The women to a varying extent agree that today they are still punks at heart, if not in appearance.

Why did women want to be punks? How did they become punks? Socially what was happening in their lives? Was it a gradual move or a sudden overnight decision? Did being a punk change their lives?

She's a punk rocker review -Germany

The present media interest in punk is a male-dominated vision of the era. This programme reassesses - from the perspectives of punk women - women’s roles in a dynamic movement that irreversibly changed the face of society, politics, art and music.

ZILLAH MINX - She's A Punk Rocker DVD: If you're not aware Zillah Minx made this documentary about women in the early days of punk. I should shoot myself for not picking this DVD up earlier because it's sheer brilliant from start to finish. It's great to see a punk rock DVD that strays away from featuring the same old usual bands like the Clash, Ramones and the pistols. You get some great stories from the likes of Gaye Advert, Poly Styrene, Mad Mary (Poly's bodyguard), Helen FU2, Rachel Minx, Olga Orbit, Julie Burchill, Vi Subversa and Zillah herself. Many of these women I've met and have always held high admiration for. It was great hearing about their memories of how it was back in the early days. Not only do you get some wicked footage but there's the added element of the arty way the documentary was constructed. It really adds something to make this more than just a normal music documentary that are usually put together in a bland way. Zillah has done herself and everyone who took part in this release proud. I highly recommend that you pick this DVD up as it documents some very cool stuff. StreetVoiceUK 10/10


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